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      International consultancy company dedicated to developing and implementing healthcare projects worldwide, comprised of a strong specialized team

      Firm: the evolution

      Meirovich Consulting (MCSL) started as a standalone start up with just one consultant working on his own, evolving to become a specialized international consultancy company providing healthcare facilities and technology planning services to governments, international organizations, international development banks and private companies.

      Nowadays, MCSL is comprised of a strong specialized team including Biomedical Engineers, Hospital Architects, MEP engineers, Sustainability Engineers, or Doctors, and also experts in specific areas such as: radiotherapy, procurement, laboratory, or public health.

      The collective experience of our consultants in developing and implementing healthcare projects worldwide has endowed our team with a global perspective while keeping a local focus.

      Needs-centric project solutions

      Throughout our journey, we’ve had the privilege of learning from individuals hailing from diverse countries, each with their unique idiosyncrasies, legal frameworks, and healthcare needs. This experience has deepened our understanding of the rich tapestry of humanity, reinforcing our belief in the potential for a better world for all.

      Consequently, we have gathered extensive expertise in tailoring solutions to the specific needs of clients from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to providing personalized, needs-centric project solutions, cultivating and nurturing ideas into fully realized planning solutions.

      Our profound understanding of the distinctive features of various healthcare systems equips us to recognize genuine needs and challenges, identify deficiencies and obstacles, and devise innovative solutions to address any project shortcomings. This expertise empowers us to effectively manage projects and navigate their complexities, regardless of their geographic location.

      More than services, we are committed to sharing the knowledge

      At Meirovich Consulting, we are committed to sharing the knowledge and expertise acquired by our consultants to support the development of low- and medium-income countries, elevating their healthcare systems to new standards.

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