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      Claudio Meirovich Montrull

      Founder & CEO

      Claudio Meirovich, BSc Biomedical Engineer, MBA at IE Business School, one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe.

      Claudio has 20+ years’ experience in the healthcare infrastructure and equipment sector with a wide experience defining medical equipment needs for healthcare facilities of different levels and preparing technical specifications for tendering and then supervising the project’s implementation.

      Daniel Otero Fernández

      Operations Manager

      Daniel, MSc Industrial Engineer specialized by training in electricity, electronics and automatic systems has 10+ years’ experience in project management, business development, and business administration. He started his professional career as an electrical power engineer, and after focusing a few years on maintenance services, gravitated to management positions, leading several significant projects involving more than EUR 50 M and 3.000 workers per year.

      Besides business development, Daniel focuses on assuring the fulfillment of contractual commitments, and managing the resource allocation for an optimal result.

      Guadalupe González Nagy

      Sr. Hospital Architect

      Guadalupe Gonzalez Nagy is Senior Hospital Architect graduated in the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2006, and officially accredited by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 2013. She is also trained in Health Care Facilities planning and design by the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2007 .

      She has a 10+ years’ experience in the design and development of healthcare architectural projects.

      She has also wide experience developing schedules of accommodations and functional plans and adapting the projects to international standards of different countries. She also has experience in the development of the necessary pre- installations for medical equipment, medical equipment planning and medical furniture design.

      Edgardo Díaz

      Sr. Biomedical Engineer.
      Medical Gases expert

      Edgardo A. Díaz is a senior Biomedical Engineer and international consultant with 20+ years’ experience in the healthcare sector.

      He is a specialist in the analysis, design, planning, execution, auditing, and risk management of medical gas networks.

      He has a strong background in managing hospital maintenance projects, particularly regarding medical gases. He has also developed best practices manuals for import-export firms, manufactures and suppliers of medical equipment.

      Luis Mario Juarez

      Sr. Biomedical Engineer.
      Medical equipment Expert

      Luis Mario Juarez is a Biomedical engineer and consultant in medical equipment planning, health infrastructure design, special facilities and maintenance management of hospital equipment and facilities with more than 15 years of experience. He has worked in projects in several countries as a designer, works inspector, and installation contractor. He also has 22 years of experience in maintenance, repair and sales of medical equipment of diverse complexity, including monitoring equipment, vital signs, anesthesia machines, laboratory equipment, dental equipment, operating room equipment, hemodialysis machines, heart-lung pumps, heat exchangers, intra-aortic counter pulsation balloons, pacemaker, and so on.

      Kristijan Djuranovic

      Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and Molecular Biology
      Laboratory Expert

      Kristijan Djuranovic is a Laboratory expert with a wide range of knowledge and experience of different aspects of the laboratory field. Specializing in procurement, functional and equipment planning of bacteriology, tuberculosis, cytogenetics, genetic and PCR, histopathology, Immunology, HIV and other laboratories. Advise and supervision of procurement and supply of medical and laboratory devices and consumables, renovation, and re-design of laboratory rooms, manage day to day planning, relocation and set up of laboratories and training of laboratory technicians. He later moved to the laboratory planning business, developing laboratories in Hospitals in several countries around the world and training their staff in the use of Hi-Tech equipment.

      Eugenia Mercado

      Sr. Biomedical Engineer.
      Medical equipment expert

      Eugenia Mercado is a BSc Biomedical engineer, involved in hospital engineering since 2018. She has experience as a PM in projects related to design and implementation of specialty gases and medical gases, central pipelines, and generation systems. She is also experienced in health and environment safety issues related to medical gases. She has also worked as an independent advisor for hospital centers, carrying out equipment set up and developing full preventive maintenance programs. She was the responsible of medical equipment preinstallation in the new Río Tercero hospital in Córdoba, Argentina, where giving specific training to healthcare professionals was one of her functions.

      Tule Patoni

      Sr. Biomedical Engineer.
      Specialist in regulatory affairs

      Tule Patoni is a Biomedical engineer involved in hospital engineering since 2018. Biomedical engineer specialized in the assessment of Medical Equipment compliance with local and/or international regulatory standards and certifications, related to design, manufacture and distribution of devices.

      She is extensively experienced in developing and reviewing technical specifications according to the actual needs of considered healthcare facilities, factoring existing infrastructure, locally available consumables and parts, local aftersales services, and sustainability criteria.

      Valued External Partners

      OHC is a leading independent health care advisory and operator in Europe, neighbouring countries, and beyond.

      OHC is specialised in project development and advisory services in the healthcare field. OHC has wide experience in the preparation of technical, economic and policy studies for health care issues worldwide.

      In its approach, OHC combines knowledge of different disciplines including health economics and financing, strategic planning, hospital architecture, biomedical engineering, health care planning, business models and international financing.

      Attainia‘s Enterprise cloud solutions provide a quick solution for medical equipment planning and for managing market price updates, used for tailoring medical equipment planning to each client’s specific needs.

      Codebook is designed for Revit®, AutoCAD®, MicroStation, and ArchiCAD.

      CodeBook was launched in 1993, created by an architect to link textual aspects of a design to the graphics. This single information model has proved invaluable to the substantial teams involved in the construction of numerous complex, large buildings. CodeBook anticipated Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) by many years, but its advantages go beyond both in its scope and value. CodeBook becomes the repository of knowledge of a building. No other application offers similar benefits.

      Crucially, CodeBook Pro allows building owners and facility managers to inherit the complete data from design and construction teams – and to utilize it as part of their own management toolset.

      Meirovich Consulting is the exclusive distributor for Codebook for Latin America and Spain.

      Any enquires about the system may be addressed to codebook@meirovichconsulting.com

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