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      Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy

      The General Management of Meirovich Consulting establishes its Integrated Management Policy, to be reviewed periodically, in order to maximize both quality and respect for the environment in the processes and activities it develops to offer its Consulting Services and/or technical assistance in Medical Equipment Planning and Hospital Architecture, as established in the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standards.

      To this end, the Management of Meirovich Consulting is committed to coordinate all available resources, including: technical, financial, productive and human; under the same structure and direction to make decisions aligned with the following principles:

      • The implementation of integrated management procedures to ensure the verification of the legal requirements applicable to the activities developed by Meirovich Consulting.
      • The full satisfaction of the expectations of the company’s clients.
      • The identification of Meirovich Consulting team members with the policies emanating from the company’s management.
      • The identification of Meirovich Consulting team members with the objectives defined by the company’s management.
      • The integration of sustainability in the value propositions as a differentiating factor of the services offered by Meirovich Consulting.
      • The integration of continuous improvement in key processes to ensure efficiency in the use of resources.
      • The development and implementation of career progression plans to ensure the involvement and ongoing training of team members.
      • Strategic collaboration with key suppliers to create value through business relationships that guarantee continuous quality improvement and respect for the environment.

      The promotion of the responsible use of available resources, to contribute to the sustainability of the activities developed.