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      Codebook was developed as a planning tool to allow biomedical engineers to interact in a better way with architects, electrical and civil engineers in a hospital project.
      The application allows the planner (biomedical engineer) to develop a hospital equipment plan including all the details for every single piece of FF+E and link them to the Autocad design drawings (or Revit model) to detect any errors in the distribution of proposed installation. It allows several ways of reporting and monitoring the project. Once the equipment is procured it also allows monitoring and recording the installation, testing and commissioning process. 
      Data is kept in a repository that may be shared avoiding duplication while keeping its consistency and allowing it to be exported to different formats. 
      A new tablet-based tool for T&C was introduced in the summer of 2016 and it was tested by Meirovich Consulting during the final stage of equipment of the Owen King-EU Hospital (St Lucia).
      The T&C process was completed documenting several snags during the process and reporting all activities in a very short time (3 months) with very limited human resources. 
      Codebook is a powerful tool that should be tested in other equipment projects in LMICs

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